osm sarah watz 2014

Position: President
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Website: www.pixpro.net
Twitter: @sarahwatz

Sarah is a Joomla evangelist who lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She runs the Joomla! specialized web agency Pixpro. Sarah has been working with marketing, communication, sales and education for more than 20 years. Her passion is to provide great business value to the projects with which she is involved.

Sarah discovered Mambo in 2004 and moved to Joomla in 2005. She fell in love with Joomla! with it's vibrant community and began contributing to the community. Her first involvement in the Joomla! community was as vice president for the Joomla! User Association Sweden (JUAS). Since then she has been the President for the JUAS for several years, as well as project manager for many Joomla!Days and Joomla!Nights in Sweden. Sarah is a frequent speaker at events such as Joomla!Days, JAB and the JWC.

Joining OSM, Sarah feels really exited about working with the Joomla Certificate Program.


Position: Treasurer
Location: Sussex, Wisconsin
Website: www.anything-digital.com
Twitter: @VicDrover

Following a career in academia as a Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry, Victor migrated from his native home in Canada and founded Joomla-based companies based in Sussex, Wisconsin including Anything Digital and Watchful.li.

Victor is also a volunteer in the Joomla project and serves/has served on numerous committees including the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) team, the Joomla Events team, and numerous conference organizing committees including the J and Beyond international developer conference and the Joomla World Conference.

marijke.stuivenberg 170x180

Position: Secretary
Location: Enschede, The Netherlands
Website: www.joomlacommunity.eu

Marijke Stuivenberg (forum MarijkeS) lives in Enschede, The Netherlands. She got involved in the Joomla Community since 2007. Starting with translating Joomla in Dutch and helping in the Bug Squad. She is also participating in the Joomla Translation Coordination Team en helps testing security issues in JSST.

As one of the co-founders of JoomlaCommunity.eu she is very active in the Dutch Community on many areas. She is the leader of the Dutch Translation Team which maintains the Dutch Translations for Joomla and many 3rth party extensions.

Marijke is a musician by profession, in daily life she teaches young and old(er) how to play the Saxophone.


Position: Vice President
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Website: imrodmartin.com/
Twitter: @imrodmartin

Rod is the Director of Training at OSTraining. He holds two masters degrees and has been training people how to do "things" for over 25 years. Originally from Australia, he grew up in Canada and now resides just outside Cincinnati, Ohio. He has worked in both the non-profit and for-profit worlds, in small companies and large corporations.

Rod's extensive open source experience includes WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. He has introduced thousands of people to Joomla! through his online videos and live training. He was one of the keynote speakers at both JAB and the Joomla! World Conference in 2013. He is married with two grown kids, plays ice hockey a couple of times a week and rides his Goldwing motorcycle pretty much everywhere he can.

martijn 2014-osm

Position: Assistant Treasurer
Location: Almere, The Netherlands
Website: www.perfectwebteam.nl
Twitter: @Toetweb

Martijn Boomsma is passionate about and inspired by Joomla and the Joomla community. He has been working in IT since 1998 and started at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where in eight years he learned much about the maturing and managing of an IT services organization.

Martijn is co-founder of Perfect Web Team, a company specialized in delivering Joomla solutions.

He is currently one of the organizers of the Dutch Joomla!days and a member of the Joomla World Conference team. For both events he manages the sponsoring. He is also a member of the JED team specially for JED 3.0, a member of the Joomla Capitol Committee, and Assistent Treasurer for OSM.

His motto: "Have fun and get things done".

jorge.lopez-bachiller osm

Position: Assistant Secretary
Location: Patzún, Guatemala
Twitter: @jorgelopezbachi

Although Jorge was born in Albacete, Spain, after working 10 years at the Coca-Cola company in various positions of responsibility in Marketing, he gave a twist to his career and went to Guatemala to apply all that experience acquired in a worldwide consumer company in local development projects in indigenous communities in that country.

Since then (17 years ago) he has worked on local development and institutional strengthening in local NGOs, also with Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Guatemala (Sustainable Development Management Master) and subsequently began working as Adviser to the Municipality of Patzún (94% population maya Kaqchikel).
From that position he works strengthening the strategy of bridging the digital divide of the Municipality and expand municipal e-Government and open government program. Also he collaborates with the OAS (The American States Organization) in its e-Government MuNet program (Efficient and Transparent Municipalities) and implementing this program in Costa Rica, Panamá, Paraguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, where he talks with national and local governments about e-Government and presents Patzun Joomla website as the best solution for government websites.

For Joomla he has participated on Joomla!Day in Guatemala and Colombia.


Position: Board Member
Location: Odense, Denmark
Website: www.redweb.dk
Twitter: @redwebdk

Ronni is the founder and CEO of redWEB ApS which includes the brands redWEB.dk, redHOST.dk, redCOMPONENT.com, iRedHOST.com, and Joomla2go.com.

He is a long term Joomla user and former developer who came over from Mambo back in 2005, and has actively helped to build the Danish JUG structure and the first three Danish Joomla! Days.

Ronni is also an active member of the Joomla World Conference team for three years running, as well as an active member of the Governance Working Group. In the past Ronni has been a member of multiple Working Groups and has attended many Joomla! Days and Joomla! Events around the world.

Since 1993 Ronni has been a frontender, backender, systemarchitect, projectleader, manager and has actively held most positions in a modern dynamic web-team which adds to the perspective of seeing how each adds uniquely to the greater whole of a project - or a community.

Ronni is a diehard structuralist and democrat (as in democracy) and believes strongly in the Open Source Community and idea - and not least the Joomla Community.


Position: Board Member 
Location: Washington DC
Website: www.picnet.net
Class: 2011

Ryan (cozimek) is the CEO and founder of PICnet Inc, a Web development and innovations firm providing a variety of services for non-profit and public sector organizations worldwide.  With client-bases in Washington DC, New York, and San Francisco, Ryan often finds himself travelling, but his current home base is in Washington DC where PICnet has its headquarters.

Introduced to Mambo back in 2003 by one of his staff’s developers, Ryan quickly saw the great ability of the CMS to aid non-profit organizations.  After writing two Slashdot stories on the creation of Joomla, Ryan quickly became more heavily involved in the Joomla community.  He now manages the non-profit board on the Joomla forums, and frequently gives speeches in the non-profit community in the US related to the use of open source and Joomla within organizations, and created Joomla Tuesdays, a free gathering of Joomla users and developers across the US in the non-profit sector.

Ryan has a B.A. in Communications from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), and a Masters of Public Policy from UCLA as well.


Position: Board Member
Location: Pune, India
Website: www.saurabhshah.me
Twitter: @saurabhshah

Saurabh is a Joomlaholic and very passionate about Open Source. Saurabh lives in Pune, India and is currently working as a freelance front end developer and as a Joomla! consultant. He is knowledgeable with many coding languages and database applications and you can usually find him busy coding Joomla! templates and themes, styling Joomla! extensions, and keeping up-to-date with web technologies.

In addition to being an OSM Board Member, Saurabh is a member of the Joomla! Events Team, Joomla! User Group Team (JUG), and Joomla! Social Media Team. He is a frequent speaker at JoomlaDay events around the world, an organizer of JoomlaDay India and a member of JUG Pune organizer team.

Apart from Joomla!, Saurabh is a Regional Mozilla Representative (ReMo) and coordinates and speaks at Mozilla events.


Position: Board Member
Location: Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Twitter: @joejoomla

Joe had a successful career in the graphic arts and multimedia industry before moving into management with a national charitable organization. He got involved with Joomla! in 2005, and in 2009 started his own marketing company. The web division of Joe’s company, JoeJoomla, uses Joomla exclusively, managing projects for clients. Joe is hands on with website strategies, site integration and design.

In the Joomla community Joe is a well known speaker, trainer, and writer about all things Joomla. He contributes to the community by sharing knowledge at various JoomlaDays in the United States, as well as the larger international events such as J and Beyond, and the Joomla! World Conference. Joe co-founded two Joomla User Groups in Canada. He has written articles for the Joomla! Magazine and also has a popular blog about Joomla.