Today we launched the new website for Open Source Matters (OSM)

For a long time several people have been working on it behind the scenes. It took quite some time and efforts to deal with several issues that were mostly related with all the records and content associated with the Trademark Team which were included on the old website - there are still some hurdles to go on that part,

Some time ago the Trademark Team decided - with the support of Open Source Matters - to begin the task of creating a portal within which to house all information related to Trademark issues, complete with a ticket system in place for trademark requests and information requests.  The Trademark Team is working on the creation of this website and when it is launched, will be responsible for updating the content.

With the separation of this information, we were able to move forward and refresh the OSM website, containing the necessary information about OSM and the Joomla! project.
Temporarily some trademark information is still being retained on this website, which will be reviewed and linked to the new portal as appropriate where the Trademark Team will provide their services to the community.

OSM wishes to thank all the volunteers that helped creating the new site: Jacques Rentzke who took up the challenge of migrating the site, David Hurley for creating this beautiful template. Saurabh Shah, Marijke Stuivenberg, and Chrystal Harris for reviewing and completing all the occuring issues. Ruth Cheesley for taking care of redirects and SEO issues.

There will still be some updating necessary in the near future, we try to keep inconveniences to a minimum.

On April 8th 2014 the Board of Open Source Matters Inc (OSM) conducted their first Annual General Meeting of the Members in accordance with the bylaws.

From a list of candidates that consisted of board Directors who could be re-elected and a number of nominees that were submitted after the call for nomination, the members selected a board of 13 Directors: Martijn Boomsma (The Netherlands), Mike Carson (USA), Ronni Christiansen (Denmark), Victor Drover (USA), Jorge Lopez-Bachiller Fernandez (Guatemala), Rod Martin (USA), Tessa Mero (USA), Ryan Ozimek (USA), Saurabh Shah (India), Joe Sonne (Canada), Marijke Stuivenberg (The Netherlands), Radek Suski (Germany), Sarah Watz (Sweden)

Immediately following the Annual General Meeting of the Members, the Regular Annual Meeting of the Directors took place. The purpose of this meeting was to elect the officers of the board: President, Treasurer and Secretary.

The Directors selected:

  • Sarah Watz as President of the board of Open Source Matters Inc.
  • Victor Drover as Treasurer of the board of Open Source Matters Inc.
  • Marijke Stuivenberg as Secretary of the board of Open Source Matters Inc.

Meeting Minutes of both meetings are available in the 2014 Meeting Minutes.

At the board meeting end of May at JandBeyond, Königstein, Germany the board appointed additionally Rod Martin in the role of Vice President and Jorge Lopéz-Bachiller in the role of Assistant Secretary. Martijn Boomsma, who already was appointed as Assistant Treasurer in a supporting role as a non board member, will stay on fulfilling this task as a board member.

OSM likes to thank all elected Board Directors and Officers for taking on this responsibility and at the same time wish to thank the outgoing board Directors Paul Orwig (former President), Alice Grevet (former Secretary), Leonel Canton, Ofer Cohen and Sandra Ordonez for all their contributions and efforts during their terms as board directors of OSM.

A special thanks for all of his efforts also goes to Jacques Rentzke who served on the board for four years in several roles. He stepped down as a director of the board in february but still participated as a member of OSM in the Annual General Meeting of the members.

At its summit meeting in Boston on November 6, 2013, the directors of the Board of Open Source Matters, Inc., admitted two candidates as members of the organization and directors of the board: Victor Drover and Joe Sonne.

Victor joined the board in August as our preferred candidate for Treasurer. His election to the officer role of Treasurer was dependent on recent Bylaws changes, which were voted on earlier that day. Following the bylaws vote and Vic's admission as member and director, in a second motion, the directors appointed Vic to the position of Treasurer.

Joe Sonne (a.k.a. Joe Joomla) is a native of Toronto, Canada, and is the board's choice in the recent pool of nominees to take on the role of Capital Committee team leader. As an active member of the Capital Committee for many months he has demonstrated skill and comes well-equipped to run the team.

Former Capital Committee leader Mike Carson has taken on the role of Events Team leader along with Radek Suski. The need for new events leadership arose when Paulo Griiettner, who had been managing the team, stepped down from the board last spring in order to devote more time to other priorities.

Additional board transitions include:

  • Robert Deutz, OSM board member and Events Team Leader, left in November 2012 following the first Joomla World Conference, after almost three years of service on the board.

  • Javier Gomez, OSM board member who left last January to join the Production Leadership Team (PLT).

  • Thomas Hampton, OSM board member and Treasurer took on new professional responsibilities last summer that meant he could no longer serve on the board. During his role as Treasurer, Thomas was meticulous and created a "treasurer's handbook" to facilitate the transition for his successor.

  • Dianne Henning, OSM board member whose term expired in October 2013 after three years of service.

The board thanks all of these board members, both past and present, for giving freely of their time, and for their input and work as a part of OSM. Their contributions have moved the project forward and made things better for those who follow.

--prepared by Alice Grevet, OSM Secretary, and Marijke Stuyivenberg, OSM Assistant Secretary

The 2014 budget was unanimously approved by the entire board of Open Source Matters on January 22, 2014.

The budget can be downloaded as a PDF or viewed in the 2014 Public Budget spreadsheet.

Full details on the budget process and a description of the budget itself can be found at

The Board of Open Source Matters (OSM) approved changes to its bylaws at a summit in Boston, Massachussetts, USA, on November 6, 2013.

This follows a Motion in August this year, qualifying the current Directors to become Members of Open Source Matters. These changes make OSM a Membership organization, in order to fulfill our obligations under New York Non Profit Corporation Law.

The updated bylaws are available here.

OSM thanks the Software Freedom Law Center, for their continued guidance and support in these deliberations.

Another round of changes to our bylaws is planned, that will reflect the details for a longer term structure for OSM as a membership organization.