The board of Open Source Matters, at its most recent board meeting, voted to appoint Thomas Hampton as its new Treasurer.

Thomas previously served as Assistant Treasurer, in a non-board-member capacity. The OSM board felt it would be best for continuity to ask the Community Oversight Committee (COC) to add Thomas to the board, in line with our Statutes. The COC agreed.

The election of Thomas as our new Treasurer allows the board to release Ryan from that duty. Ryan graciously agreed to have his term extended until a new Treasurer was confirmed and elected. The position of Treasurer became vacant when our previous Treasurer, Paul Orwig, was elected President.

We thank Ryan for his help, and welcome Thomas to the board!

The board is currently reviewing nominees for new board members and will forward recommendations to the COC. An announcement of new board members is expected before the end of April 2012.

At the end of February Ryan Ozimek and James Vasile completed their terms on the board of Open Source Matters (OSM). We express our thanks to both long-serving board members for the unique roles they played during their terms: Ryan as former Secretary and President of the board, and Joomla evangelist and JoomlaDay events around the world, and James for his guidance, wisdom and legal advice, from the beginnings of the Joomla project.

On February 23 the Community Oversight Committee approved an extension of Ryan's term as board member. This was done so that the board could appoint Ryan as interim Treasurer, until such time as new board members could be elected, and a new Treasurer appointed. The vacancy in the board-officer position of Treasurer was the result of the election of OSM's previous Treasurer, Paul Orwig, as the new President of the board.

Ryan is committed to remaining an active member of the Joomla community.

James has agreed to make himself available to share his insights regarding license and organizational developments.

The board of OSM wishes to thank Ryan and James for their invaluable contribution over the years, and for their willingness to continue to support OSM with their expertise.

Open Source Matters (OSM) is pleased to announce the extension of the terms of the following three board members:

With two successful JandBeyond conferences behind him and the third taking registrations, and the first Joomla World Conference scheduled in San Jose for next November, Robert Deutz brings an important perspective. This "can do" Events Team Leader energizes the Board.

Javier Gomez remains dedicated to his work on internationalization, supporting JoomlaDays worldwide, and improved communication. The Board appreciates Javier's continued commitment.

As Secretary and Trademark Team Leader, Jacques Rentzke's experience and knowledge play a significant role in keeping OSM on course. The Board is grateful to Jacques for his willingness to continue to be a vital resource for OSM.

The board of Open Source Matters thanks these three members for continued service on the OSM board, and within the Joomla! Project.

New Board members will be elected in April, 2012.

In a collaborative process of respect and encouragement, the Board of Directors of Open Source Matters, Inc. (OSM), at it’s monthly meeting, installed the following Officers of the board for the 2012/2013 term:

President: Paul Orwig
Vice President: Jacques Rentzke
Secretary: Alice Grevet

The Officers of the board are elected from the board (by the Directors), and serve one year terms that may be renewed.

Open Source Matters received the resignations of two board members this month: Philip Locke and Akarawuth (Krit) Tamrareang. Busy schedules, work and family obligations make it necessary for both board members to devote more time to those priorities.

Phil’s work laying the groundwork for the Capital Committee set the tone for increased sponsorships this year. Krit will continue working on Joomla!Day Bangkok, which was postponed due to the floods.

OSM thanks Phil and Krit for their contributions, and wishes them well as they put their energy where it’s most needed in their lives.