The Board of Open Source Matters, Inc. (OSM) has elected Paul Orwig as Treasurer of the organization. He replaces Steve Burge, who had been appointed as Acting Treasurer on the 10th of August 2010.

Paul has been an outstanding member of the Joomla Community and was recently appointed to the OSM board. Paul has previously been on Joomla! Community Leadership Team, the Lead editor for the Joomla! Community Magazine, and a Webmaster for the Joomla! community portal.

The OSM board wishes to express thanks to Paul for serving in this important role and Steve for having assisted during the transition.

It is with sadness that we announce the intended resignation of Andrew Eddie from working with the Open Source Matters (OSM) board.

Andrew's departure is not immediate. He has given notice to OSM and the Leadership Team that come the release of Joomla 1.6 GA (General Availability), he’ll be resigning his position in the Joomla Production Leadership Team and also not be renewing his agreement with OSM for contracting work. Andrew was paid by OSM at the request of the PLT to help with Joomla development work.

We wish Andrew all the very best in his future endeavors and thank him for his years of dedicated service.

In an effort to maintain the Board's effectiveness during its search for a new Treasurer, the Board of Open Source Matters Inc (OSM), on the 10th of August 2010, appointed Steve Burge as Acting Treasurer of the organization, for a period ending no later than November 1, 2010 or until a new Treasurer has been elected, appointed or qualified, whichever comes first.

The Acting Treasurer shall have all the abilities and privileges of the Treasurer, but is only expected to provide his services in a limited role during this interim period.

The OSM board wishes to express thanks to Steve for assisting in this important role.

In December 2009, the Joomla! community was asked to nominate new Open Source Matters (OSM) board members.

OSM is entrusted with providing organizational, legal, and financial support for the Joomla! project. You can find out more about the organization at

With those serious responsibilities and the recent departure of two long-serving board members, the decision has been made to expand the board once more.

We are looking for your nominations for new OSM board members.

We are pleased to inform that the following people have been elected and have all accepted the invitation to join the OSM Board of Directors:

Marko Milenovic, Javier Gomez, Jacques Rentzke, Robert Deutz, Akarawuth Tamrareang and Steve Burge.

These new members, who all were among the community nominated candidates too, will bring on a broad set of skills to the board, and we feel that the current members combined with the new, will form a great team.

Dave Huelsmann has been reelected, and we are very pleased that he accepted to continue the great work he contributed with so far.

A huge 'Thank you' we would like to send to Wendy Robinson and Lorenzo Garcia for the valuable work they contributed during their membership of the board.