Open Source Matters selects its preferred candidate for Treasurer
Tuesday, 27 August 2013 22:37

The Board of Open Source Matters, Inc. (OSM) today, at a regular board meeting, voted for Victor (Vic) Drover as our preferred candidate for a new board director. It is the intention of the board to also elect Vic as our new Treasurer in the coming weeks.

Victor will be taking over from Thomas Hampton, who's been looking after our finances since August 2011, first in the role of Assistant Treasurer, and since April 2012 as our Treasurer.

Thomas has been working hard to put systems and documentation in place, enabling a smooth transition for a new Treasurer.

The board extends its thanks to Thomas for serving the Joomla! community, and wishes him all the best.

Once the board has concluded the required changes to our By-Laws (as mentioned in a previous post), Victor will be able take up the role of Treasurer of the board of Open Source Matters.

In the meantime, we welcome Vic as our choice for Treasurer.

Open Source Matters structure changes
Tuesday, 27 August 2013 19:11

The Community Oversight Committee (COC) was previously the structure that was responsible for adding and removing the Directors of the board of Open Source Matters, Inc.

After the COC structure dissolved earlier this year, we started investigating various options for the election of new board members. During that time, we discovered a requirement in local state law, specifying that our organization-type have Members.

We obtained legal advice from the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC), on what options would be best in the short-term, while bigger longer-term questions on organizational structure were still being looked at.

Based on the legal advice, the board voted on, and approved the following Motion:

"Following a change in our structure from a Type B organization to a type C organization in 2010, Open Source Matters, Inc. will now become a membership organization in order to fulfill our obligations under New York Non Profit Corporation Law. We, the current Board of Directors have discussed the details of such a change and have instructed Mr Paul Orwig to work with our legal counsel in order to draft the required amendments in the By-Laws. We also agree that all current Directors will be qualified to become members."

With the help of our counsel, we are now finalizing the short-term changes to our bylaws that would fulfill our obligations under state law, and hope to vote on this within the next few weeks.

This step needs to be completed before we will be adding any new board directors.

If you are interested in participating in discussions about this and other topics relating to governance, contact Paul Orwig ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) about joining the Governance Working Group.

OSM Officers Elected
Sunday, 17 February 2013 00:00

The board of Directors of Open Source Matters, Inc. (OSM), at it’s monthly meeting, installed the following Officers of the board for the 2013/2014 term:

Paul Orwig as President, Alice Grevet as Secretary, and Marijke Stuivenberg as Assistant Secretary.

The Officers of the board are elected from the board (by the Directors), and serve one year terms that may be renewed.

OSM Election News
Wednesday, 03 October 2012 15:23

On October 3, 2012, the Community Oversight Committee (COC) approved the four nominees submitted to them by the Board of Open Source Matters, Inc. (OSM)

Today we welcome:

Mike Carson from Joliet, Illinois, USA
Sandy Ordonez from Brooklyn, New York, USA
Radek Suski from Schaafheim, Germany
Sarah Watz from Stockholm, Sweden

Our four new members cover a wide range of skills, and each one has done significant work to further the goals of the Joomla! project, both locally and beyond their borders. We thank these candidates for their willingness to serve on the board of OSM. 

The nominee pool was particularly strong. OSM wishes to thank all of the very qualified nominees who confirmed their interest in serving, and for the contribution they are making.

Terms extended

We would also like to announce that the terms of two board members, Dianne Henning and Marijke Stuivenberg, have been extended until October 2013 by the COC, at the request of the board. They will continue their good work in global outreach and internationalization.

Thank you to Sukh

OSM thanks Altansukh (Sukh) Tumenjargal for his two years of service on the board, and his contribution to the Capital Committee. We wish him well on his future projects, and his work in the Joomla! community in Mongolia. We appreciate the perspective and energy he brought to the board. 

Software Freedom Day 2012
Wednesday, 01 August 2012 19:31

On the 15th of September 2012, Software Freedom Day (SFD 2012) will be celebrated all over the world.

Register your event for Software Freedom Day 2012 Software Freedom Day honors Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). The Joomla! CMS is both Free and Open Source software.

Open Source Matters, and the Joomla! project, supports Software Freedom Day.

This is what Pia Waugh writes about Free and Open Source Software:

"Transparent and sustainable technologies are vital to ensuring we can protect our freedoms.

So what do I mean by transparent? Well some software gives you access to the source code, such as Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) which ensures that you can know (or get checked) what exactly a piece of software will do.

It avoids nasty surprises, spyware, result rigging and all kinds of issues that we can't be absolutely sure to avoid in closed software. Proprietary software keeps the source code locked away from public scrutiny which means that there is no way to know exactly what the software actually does, and no way to trust it to safeguard your human rights.

Transparent technologies are about ensuring you can trust the results and operation of your technology."

This day is to celebrate all open source software.

Find out how to participate, and Register your event for Software Freedom Day 2012

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