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Open Source Matters, Inc. ("Open Source Matters" or "OSM")received an unsolicited proposal for the management of http://demo.joomla.org. After consideration, OSM determined that, in the interest of fairness, others should also be invited to submit proposals.

Open Source Matters is requesting proposals for the management of the Joomla!® demo site (http://demo.joomla.org). The existing Joomla!® demo site has been highly successful, with an average of 25,000 registrations monthly. OSM reasonably expects the number of registrations to increase with more prominent displays of the links to the site on the joomla.org family of websites. The joomla.org sites now receive approximately 5 million visits per month.

This is an open and competitive process. Responses to this RFP ("proposals") received after December 9, 2009 will not be considered.

Each proposal must contain the signature of a duly authorized agent or officer of the company submitting the proposal.

Goal & Minimum Proposal Standards

The Joomla!® demo site has the following goal:

Provide users who are considering the Joomla!® content management system with a simple and reliable way to try out its major features.

Each proposal should at least meet the following minimum standards which are now in place:

  1. A simple and reliable way to try out the major features of the Joomla!® content management system.
  2. Users are given SuperAdmin rights, but appropriately modified to prevent abuse.
  3. Accounts last for one month.
  4. Content is wiped once an hour.
  5. Customized features to prevent abuse.
  6. Best practice security precautions to protect the privacy of site users and ensure site stability.

In exchange for this, the vendor selected by OSM would receive:

The exclusive right to refer demo site users (via appropriate banner ads on the demo site) to the vendor's Joomla! hosting site for a free trial account.
Right to include a message on the vendor's site and approved advertising indicating that it manages the Joomla! demo site.


Contract terms will be negotiated in detail as part of this process, and the terms of any final contract awarded will be in the sole discretion of OSM. However, the following elements should be incorporated into each proposal

  • Although proposals may discuss alternatives to this, the expectation is that this would be a maximum two year agreement.
  • Although proposals may discuss alternatives to this, the expectation is that the vendor would be required to pay OSM (a) a guaranteed minimum monthly payment and (b) lifetime royalties for accounts created by users referred from joomla.org.
  • All demo site content and related IP rights to be owned and approved by Open Source Matters.
  • Approval of content related to this contract on the vendor's site or in vendor's advertising by OSM.
  • Performance quality standards.

Open Source Matters reserves the right not to award a contract. In any contract awarded, OSM will require the vendor to agree to certain minimum legal terms acceptable to OSM, such as audit rights, representations and warranties, indemnification, compliance with OSM trademark policies, and compliance with applicable Joomla! host certification standards, including applicable fees.

Assessment of Proposals

Among others, the following criteria will be used to assess proposals:

  1. Ease of use for users.
  2. Quality of plan for management of the demo site.
  3. Quality of plan for user experience on the demo site.
  4. Quality of plan for respecting user privacy and complying with privacy laws.
  5. Quality and ease of use of trial account.
  6. Ease of moving the trial Joomla site to a different host.
  7. General business experience and experience in Joomla! CMS hosting.
  8. Quality of hosting environment.
  9. Hardware capacity.
  10. Software capacity.
  11. Personnel capacity.
  12. Originality in design of a solution.
  13. Financial stability.
  14. Financial model.
  15. Excellence of the solution proposed.
  16. General business reputation and reputation in the Joomla! and open source communities.
  17. Demo site performance guarantees and services, such as security, uptime guarantees, processing speed and help desk services.


Responses due no later than 21 days after publication of this announcement.

Evaluation is estimated to take one month. Please be prepared for the possibility of a request for a meeting or for additional information.
Implementation within a month of any contract awarded.

Format for proposals

  1. Company description and history
  2. Staffing resources proposed for this project
  3. Number of Joomla! system installations currently hosted
  4. Dun & Bradstreet number or similar and authorization for a credit/financial check
  5. Discuss any changes in structure or organization expected in the next two years (including IPO, merger or acquisition)
  6. Current and past involvement in the Joomla! Project
  7. Provide references to several large sites currently hosted


2.Proposal Details.
  1. Describe how the demo site would be managed, including staffing, security, routine procedures and response to emergencies.
  2. Describe the terms of free trials (length, size and bandwidth limitations, support).
  3. Describe the pricing structure for users who opt to continue with the host.
  4. Describe how users who use other hosts would transfer their data to them.
  5. Describe the hosting environment for your most common hosting options.
  6. Describe the hardware and software to be used for operating and maintaining the demo site.
  7. Describe the financial model and projected income.
  8. Describe the plan for tracking referrals from the demo site to the host's interface.
  9. Describe auditing procedures for royalties.
  10. Describe how interaction with the Joomla! Project and Open Source Matters would be handled.

3.Proposal Format.

  • Contact information should include one lead contact and, if appropriate, a separate technical contact.
  • Proposals should follow the organization and numbering structure in sections 1 and 2 above.
4.Delivery of proposals.

Proposals must be submitted via electronic form at prior to 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time 9 December 2009..


All confidential information included in bid proposals will be treated as confidential, but a listing of bidders and the general terms of the winning bid will be made publicly available. Annual summaries of financial results will also be made publicly available.




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